Donald Trump seems to have a solution to many of our problems. Tax China’s imports to us until they play fair.  He makes some great arguments on the Kudlow Report but, it will surely have some short-term pain for some US companies that rely on these imports.  However, no matter what choice we make, we will have pain and it appears to me that America desperately needs to export more without devaluing our currency to do so.  This would require taxing China to ensure they fairly value their currency putting us on a more level playing field.

Trump believes China is laughing at us because they can’t believe what they are getting away with and I would laugh at us too as we don’t have any backbone.  In a game of chess, China is outplaying us.  We will feel these effects moreso in the long-term whereas if we tax China now, we can take some short-term pain for a brighter future all while paying off debt and not increasing taxes on our own people.

The question is how quickly will China change its tune if we stand up for ourselves?  Trump thinks pretty fast…I don’t know about that as our own people will surely question the actions when we lose cheap products from China.

Donald Trump for President?  If he keeps talking like this, I’d rather give him a shot at fixing our real problems than just another politician.  What do you think?