I'm not sure why, but Google was earlier reporting (and maybe still is) that there's "harmful code" at the Financial Armageddon blog, and was warning visitors that the site "may harm [their] computer."
Needless to say, I found this very alarming. So, to try and figure out why my site was being labeled as "suspicious," I used the Webmaster Tools (WT) service that Google offers. According to WT's diagnostic component, the search giant "could not not isolate the malicious code within [the] page"?!?! (hmm, not much help there).
However, another related message from Google suggested that the problem code was somehow linked to Wikinvest.com, which appeared to be "functioning as an intermediary for distributing malware to visitors of [my] site." Consequently, I have removed the software "plug-ins" for that service (which is supposed to serve up links to posts at business and finance blogs that might be related to my own).
I have also requested that Google (re)review Financial Armageddon to confirm that there is no harmful code at my site (if there ever was)?
For what it's worth, I also analyzed my blog using the site-checking tools at Norton Safe Web, URLVoid, and Unmask Parasites, and none could find any problem with Financialarmageddon.com except Google's labeling of the site as "suspicious."
Hopefully, this issue should be resolved soon. In the meanwhile, please accept my apologies for any trouble you may have been caused.