(RTTNews) - Software giant Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and software solutions provider Novell Inc. (NOVL) Tuesday said that they collaborate to deliver hybrid options for High-Performance Computing or HPC. The companies said, working in concert with third parties, they are making it easier for IT executives to take advantage of the benefits of supercomputing with a technology initiative developed in their joint Interoperability Lab based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Microsoft and Novell said the latest initiative targets high-performance computing empowering customers to balance server workloads using both SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Windows HPC Server for greater IT efficiency. The initiative is expected to brings value to the HPC market by helping customers realize greater IT infrastructure efficiency and subsequent cost savings, said the companies. HPC continues to gain in popularity as businesses face increasing pressure to process data faster and with greater precision.

The alliance of Microsoft and NovellHPC technical solution is expected to streamline management functions, reduces internal support requirements and enables greater interoperability.

The companies reported strong demand for their HPC interoperability solution with 33 shared customers now deploying sophisticated server workload management across SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Windows HPC Server.

HPC offers customers the ability to process massive amounts of data and solve computationally intense problems, making it an optimal choice for government entities, universities and large companies. Last year, Microsoft and Novell added HPC customer accounts in a wide range of geographies and industries, such as the financial, healthcare, higher education and technology sectors. The customers include Deutsche Bank AG, Honeywell International, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd., Texas Instruments, Tianjin Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd. and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Microsoft and Novell said South Africa's Centre for High Performance Computing or CHPC, in Cape Town, the continent's largest publicly funded HPC facility, is the latest company to adopt their cross-platform solutions and enterprise support.

Happy Sithole, director of CHPC, said, "The technical collaboration between Microsoft and Novell has enabled us to reduce overall costs while increasing cross-platform manageability. This means we're able to deliver more consistent quality of service to our customers at the best price possible,"

The companies said in their joint Interoperability Lab engineers from both companies have been working side by side to create technical solutions that support customers in addressing their unique challenges relative to advancing their technical and business objectives within a mixed-source operational environment.

In Friday's regular trading session, MSFT closed trading $25.80 per share on the Nasdaq, while NOVL closed trading at $5.83 per share.

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