Super retail trader Karen turned $100k into $41 million in profits in 5 years. Listen to how she did it.



- Keep it Simple

- Now the big picture

- Watch price and volume, very critical

- Bollinger bands (x2 Standard Deviations)

- Short option premium (selling calls and puts, very risky as has open loss)

- Trade of theta

- Less or no technicals studies

- Does not trade stocks, options only

- Due to such a large account options on only: NASDAQ 100, SP500, Russel 2000

- Non directional plays

- Trading and investing is like learning a craft a education is very difficult

- Stocks are too difficult to pick for the retail investor

- Low drawdowns

- Has a single and simple strategy (one trick to beat the market) which is Wide Index Strangles

From TastyTrade 24 minutes of magic

COMMENTS: Well done Karen!

NOTE: The video is the only knowledge RTT ( has of Karen, we have no idea is Karen knows if RTT exists.

To short option premium you need price to stay away from your strike price. Price and volume is important to Karen. Karen doesnt mention the Wyckoff word, but anyone who watches price and volume for reversal action (accumulation or distribution patterns) will become a Wyckoff fan. Wyckoff patterns that would support her approach would be: Selling Climax, Buying Climax, Springs, Tests.

When Karen says she as been tested (Flash Crash), could this success story be different. Maybe or maybe not that would depend on money management.

Karen could not pick direction, this blog suggest she quickly becomes a RTT Plus member to master stock market direction with RTT Market Timer. Our Hurst cycles would also help to pick the next zone for accumulation or distribution to short premium. Please review Wyckoff 2.0 theory.

For example RTTTrendStatus (circle areas) great places to short premium