Many have forecast the crash of the US dollar. But when ?


Post US elections the expectations of Obama 2nd term

- Reduce the US Deficit

- Raise taxes (Fiscal Cliff or otherwise)

From Europe

- Spain and Greece both requite more printing of Euros to survive

- Germany near recession

All of the above is bullish for the US dollar and if any of these trends accelerate the US dollar will rally hard as many are very short the US Dollar.

The dominate cycle for 2013 is very bullish. Even Ben Bernanke QE to infinity has not crushed the US dollar bullish stance. Now that's saying something! 

Of course a huge percentage of SP500 sales revenue is US dollar effected, US dollar risings, US corporate sales fall. Plus the USD as a carry trade to finance the purchase of risk assets reverses. Ouch !

A trend to watch in 2013 is strength in the US dollar.